Bio-E Australia is an Australian company, aim to locally source natural products to its consumers. 

- Adopted primary (e.g.interview &surveys) and secondary research to understand the current and potential target segments' demographic and shopping behaviors for health care products; Analyzed its target users' content preference and conversion rate through Google analytics and social media analytics.
- Found the primary point for promoting the product based on the previous research, such as 'lose weight'; Applied the most fitting style according to project budget, schedule, and competitors' content analysis.


︎ Producer - Amy Yang
︎ Photographer - Yang Jiang

Bio-E feature product social media video content 

︎ Lemon Manuka Juice / 柠檬马努卡酵素果汁

︎ Marine Collagen Peptides / 胶原蛋白液 

Low budget video content for targeting Chinese buyers' market
- All footage from 'Storyblocks Videos'